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DGS GROUP | Developer

DGS Group is a first-class property developer committed to delivering quality residential developments which make a difference to the built environment. The firm provides innovative solutions specific to each project. The team has decades of local and international experience working on high-profile projects across Australia, China and Dubai, from high-rise apartments to estates, industrial parks and more. Believing that integrity is the foundation for success, DGS is known for its careful selection of feasible land, effective marketing strategies, design excellence and construction expertise. Notable local projects include the iconic Epping Tower, Nexus Eastwood and K-Top Ryde.

BC&A | Architect

Being based in Strathfield and having plenty of local expertise, Bechara Chan & Associates is an experienced firm of architects producing diverse building types, including everything from luxury homes to high-rise apartments. As an experienced team of award-winning architects known for their high quality designs, BC&A design every project with the belief that form follows function. They consistently implement this mantra by considering the natural characteristics of a site and allow that site to dictate the building qualities and attributes. Each development entails the dynamic integration of environmental sustainability with aesthetic and functional excellence.

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